Young Hollow Nursery, Inc. is an 180 acre facility located in the nursery production community of Forest Hill, Louisiana.  It is a family owned business founded in 1988.  Originally it was operated as a general wholesale nursery but has evolved into a contract grower whose primary customers sell to mass market.  Customers and buyers are encouraged to visit the nursery once or twice a year to check on the plant material for their contract.  Young Hollow tries to maintain a reputation for reliability and quality plant material.

 Contract or specialty growing is our business focus.  However, we value growing for landscapers and garden centers.  Ground cover, ornamental grasses, shrubs, and perennials make up our selection.  If you are a new customer, please visit the ABOUT tab to find our staff.  We would love to map out a plan for your business needs.  

Nursery Address:

60 Tom Gunter Road

Forest Hill, LA  71430


P O Box 321

Forest Hill, LA  71430

Phone: (318)748-8205

Fax: (318) 748-8208

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